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Nea Smirni, Greece : Xristoforos + Giota

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Ktima Nasioutzik – Christina

I shot this baptism for Tselina Tseliou, a dear friend and colleague of mine. What can I say about the little one… I mean, look at her eyes… She’s absolutely adorable… Christina’s parents, are two extraordinary people; unbelievably warm and welcoming. The baptism took place at “Ktima Nasioutzik”, an amazing location, 35km out of Athens. Here is a small selection of the many beautiful photos we have from the day. Enjoy 🙂

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Katia Makri

Katia Makri, a special commentator at Alter Channel, for the evening news with Nikos Xatzinikolaou. A columnist with Real News, as well as, a radio presenter for Real FM (amongst other things). All in all, an outstanding journalist, but above all, a wonderful human being. Katia was fantastic to work with – down to earth, and approachable. I hope that you guys like the images. I know that I had a great time taking Katias’ portrait! Here’s a sneak-peak:

Katia playing...

Katia smiles...

You can find Behind the Scenes images, from the shoot by clicking here. Special thanks to our Associate Photographer, John Pierropoulos, for his contribution.

John Tsintzos was the producer for this shoot. His knowledge, work ethic, good humor and high energy levels, proved invaluable – yet again – thanks mate.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the Airotel Group for their generous hospitality. All these images were shot at Alexandros Hotel in Athens, Greece (here’s some info on their location, and how to get there). A special mention should go to Despina Chalatsi, the Sales and Marketing Executive for the Airotel Group, for making us all feel like home away from home. Click on their name above, for further details 🙂

Airotel Group
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